Je suis

They say,

people who write, who express their true selves by weaving words together, making language theirs, will write and write about a character, enveloping the character with traits taken from their loved one.

But I can’t do that.

How can I retell the perfection that is you? How can I retell the electricity I feel in my bones, the urgency of each neuron that fires, and quickened rhythm of my heart from just a mere brush of your touch? How do you retell those things when all you want to do is keep them to yourself, lock them away to the confines of your heart because they’re too precious to be shared with anyone else.

The iridescent glow in your eyes. The low whispers used because it feels as if any noise will break apart the dream which is you and me. The tugging on your heartstrings at needing to part or the loss of breath from finally reuniting. The few days of distance which feel like years. The feeling which emanates from every fiber of my heart, mind, body, and soul just seconds before I open the door to see your smiling face.

How do you retell those things?

How do you share such a private secret to the world when you can’t even find enough words to express the depth of your love?

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